Corporate Portfolio


Case studies showcase a company's best projects in words and images. They're also my favorite projects to work on! Requiring research, solid interview skills, and a knack for storytelling, case studies draw on my training in journalism as well as my photography skills and my interest in a variety of fields.

I wrote and photographed these case studies for Spacesaver, and they all link to the live website.


Why tell them when you can show them? Video is a great way to convey your marketing message. I bring experience and expertise to high-end video projects and can coordinate everything from hiring the crew to location scouting to conducting on-camera interviews. I can even shoot drone photos and video for your project!

Franklin Antonio Hall

PROJECT GOAL: Show how the architecture and design firm Perkins&Will worked with UC San Diego to design a new engineering building that fosters innovation and collaboration.


  • Shot drone footage
  • Conducted client interview
  • Prepared script and coordinated with video editor

Tulalip Resort

PROJECT GOAL: Show how Spacesaver products promote efficiency at a resort in the Pacific Northwest.


  • Engaged the video crew, scouted locations, and coordinated logistics
  • Coached the interviewee and other on-camera talent
  • Conducted the on-camera interview

Oregon Athletics

PROJECT GOAL: Show how Spacesaver helped create a showplace that makes optimal use of space.


  • Engaged the video crew and coordinated logistics
  • Coached / prepped the interviewee
  • Conducted the on-camera interview

Pathology Lab

PROJECT GOAL: Show how Spacesaver helps lab technicians work more efficiently.


  • Engaged the video crew and coordinated logistics
  • Coached the interviewee and other on-camera talent
  • Conducted the on-camera interview


Campaigns and product launches are fun, too, because they often involve intense effort, strict deadlines, and lots of collaboration. As a detail-oriented perfectionist, I love seeing all that hard work come together.

Sample project: GROW Mobile System

Here's one example of the type of work I do for every new product launch. We recently launched our GROW Mobile System, which allows licensed cannabis growers to optimize space in their grow rooms. I worked as part of a cross-funtional team to create a complete suite of marketing products, including web pages, product information, case studies, and more.

This content forms the basis of our print and digital ads, email campaigns, social media posts and campaigns, and other marketing efforts.

Case Study and On-Site Photography

The goals for this case study were to show how our product is used in a large indoor cannabis grow and to generate leads by offering the PDF as a download on the website and via email campaigns.

FUN FACT: This was one of my favorite assignments ever. Spacesaver sent me to San Francisco to photograph the facility, supervise the video crew, and interview the facility manager.

Print Collateral

Even in the digital age, prospects still expect a cohesive presentation in print or PDF form. PDFs make great digital offers on social media, landing pages, and emails, and sales reps use brochures and other printed collateral at trade shows and client visits.

FUN FACT: Creating informative, accurate, and engaging publications requires a lot of teamwork, and I enjoy working with project managers, graphic designers, and others. I particularly like to interview and collaborate with architects and engineers.

Product Photography

Crisp, well-lit product photos help prospective clients understand your product's features and benefits.

FUN FACT: I put your products in the best light with high-end camera gear, a full lighting setup, and years of experience.

SEO Web Copy & Photos

Your website is a great place to provide detailed information about your products and services. Photos and graphics grab attention, and clients who really want to know more will appreciate the chance to explore more detail.

FUN FACT: I research keywords and write Search Engine Optimized text to help clients find your site.

Press Releases

Writing press releases might seem old-fashioned in the digital age, but a public relations service like Cision / PR Newswire is an effective way to get the word out about new products or services. If you're investing in an expensive PR service, you'll want to be sure the content you're sending out is top notch.

I tap into my journalism skills to write informative, relevant press releases that editors want to pick up and publish.

FUN FACT: I get an odd thrill from ghost-writing executive quotes. I honestly don't know why, but I find it super fun to write in someone else's voice and make it sound realistic.


What is content strategy?

Content strategy involves planning, creating, and managing content to support your business goals.

I advise starting with those goals when thinking about your content "ecosystem." For example, is one of your goals to get more leads from your website? Let's offer compelling downloads on customized landing pages -- and let's drive traffic to those pages via email and social media. Or maybe one of your goals is to convey complex product information to your sales reps so they can sell with more confidence. That's a completely different goal, and it requires a different approach. We could, for instance, create an explainer, deliver it via video, and back it up with a PDF that explains the most important points.

You probably already have a good idea of what your goals are. My job is to help you refine those goals, develop a content strategy to achieve them, and create compelling content.

What is the 'buyer's journey' and how does content fit in?

A "prospect" is someone who's mildly interested in your product or service. Maybe they saw an ad, found your website through a search, or heard about your business from a friend. You need to educate them - to take them on a journey - from that starting point, through the decision-making process, to the point of purchase and beyond.

The text, photos, graphics, and videos in your marketing messages are essential at every step along the way.

INITIAL DISCOVERY: How will clients find you?
Content in the form of emails, digital ads, and your website help prospects discover your product or service. No matter how they find you, you'll need to provide enticing content to move them on to the next stage.

CONSIDERATION: How will you convince prospects to purchase your product or service?
Photos, videos, case studies, testimonials, and product information are essential. You need to provide everything your prospects need to evaluate your offering, compare it to the competition, and become paying customers.

PURCHASE: How will clients purchase your product or service?
If you're selling online, microcontent and the user experience at the point of sale are crucial. But the relationship doesn't end when the sale is done and the product or service is delivered. You shouldn't stop delivering content, either.

LOYALTY: Repeat business and referrals are your friends. Follow-up "thank you" emails, email "nurturing" campaigns, and special offers are just a few of the ways to get them.

If you already have a complete content strategy that encompasses all these stages, congratulations! I can help fill in the gaps in your content.

If you need help developing your strategy and generating content, you've come to the right place. Contact me to discuss your needs.

Will you manage my social media?

Sorry, I don't manage social media accounts. I do provide 3-5 social media posts as part of my corporate packages, though, and I'm happy to consult with your social media manager on overall strategy. Let me know if you need referrals for social media managers who can take care of your day-to-day needs!

What is commercial photography?

Commercial photography reinforces your brand through careful attention to subject matter, lighting, and styling. It tells your brand story in an engaging and compelling way.

Commercial photography can involve portraiture, architectural photography, product photography, and even conceptual photography that's intended to evoke a particular emotion or response.

If all that sounds kind of complicated, that's because it is. But my full studio lighting setup, professional camera gear, and years of experience make the process easy for you! I love to create images that achieve your vision and enhance your brand.

what are your rates?

I offer corporate packages to firms who need blog posts and other content on a regular basis, or who want to keep me on retainer for periodic special projects. I can also do one-off projects to fill gaps in your content strategy. Contact me for a quote.

What is your onboarding process like?

Onboarding depends on the client. If you're looking for one-off case studies or other marketing materials, I'll simply ask you to fill out a creative brief and schedule a phone conversation to discuss the details.

If you need help developing a strategy and generating content on a consistent, longer-term basis, that's obviously a more involved process. To start out, I'll send you a questionnaire that will help me learn more about your goals, resources, timeline, and more.


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